Directors are opposed to returning to class students in difficulty

Des directeurs s’opposent au retour en classe des élèves en difficulté

School principals are opposing the return in class of pupils in difficulty, less than three weeks from the end of the school year. The initiative not worth the money, since students will not be at the rendezvous, ” they say.

At the end of the day Monday, Quebec has asked the school system to organize a back-to-school for students with special needs in the secondary but also for primary pupils whose schools are closed, as in the great region of Montreal.

These students are invited back to the classroom on a voluntary basis to participate in the “camps teaching” from next week, in groups with a maximum of 10 students.

This ad has created the surprise in the education network. The Fédération québécoise des directions of educational institution, one even asked Quebec to “reconsider this option.”

“About three weeks, is that there is a value-added education and learning for an upgrade? No, we do not believe,” says its president, Nicolas Prévost.

School directors would have preferred that to a large-scale upgrade will be made at the beginning of the school year, in the month of September, while the return to class will be compulsory for all.

To organize such an operation at the end of the school year is not worth the money, since students will not be at the rendezvous, ” added Mr. Prevost.

In the primary schools that have opened their doors since may 11, outside of the greater Montreal area, only 30% of students in vulnerable situations are present, ” says Mr. Prévost, based on the bell sounds obtained from several members.

Low rate of return

Last Friday, Quebec has also asked schools to organize the class back as early as this week high school students enrolled in two profiles leading to a qualification. This includes young people enrolled in preparatory training in the labour market and in training of trades semi-skilled.

However, very few young people enrolled in these two programs are back to school. “On a group of 15 young people, often, not only are two or three,” says Mr. Prévost.

This is the case in high school Pointe-Lévy, located on the South Shore of Quebec city. Of the 14 students enrolled in the training of trades, semi-skilled, only two returned to the classroom, says the director, Éric Pouliot.

“The idea of the minister is good, the problem is the time. Have had this idea at the time to reopen the schools on may 11, we would have had the time to organize something better”, lance-t-il, adding that the goal is “to see them all again at school”.

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