“Dirty dancing” Ukrainian girls in the fountain came in the video

In Kharkov, a woman erotically danced in the fountain

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"Грязные танцы" украинки в фонтане попали на видео

Ukrainian danced in the fountain

In Instagram account h_kharkov appeared filmed by witnesses funny video, which shows the resident of Kharkov, dancing in the fountain.

The footage shows an adult woman dressed in black pants and jacket, stands in the middle of the jets of the fountain, which rises from the earth. A woman “insecure” bends and hops. At the end of his “speech” she licks her tongue a stream of water. While her mouth fall hair and it starts to spit.

Watch the video: at the Kyiv school of dancing women with curvaceous dancing tango

Behind the scenes the voices of women and men commenting on what is happening. They suggested that this may be the performance or the woman is under the influence of intoxicants.

We will remind, in the capital, runs a dance school for women with curvaceous. A few years ago they were too shy to dance even now conquer the big stage. In addition, we talked about how the airport staff danced on the runway.

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"Грязные танцы" украинки в фонтане попали на видео

"Грязные танцы" украинки в фонтане попали на видео

"Грязные танцы" украинки в фонтане попали на видео


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