Dirty in the mold of Huberdeau

Sale in the mold of Huberdeau


HALIFAX | There is an eight hour time difference between Calgary and Brno, Czech Republic. Although he doesn't often get the chance to watch Flames games, Czech prospect Eduard Sale makes it a point to watch highlights from all of Jonathan Huberdeau's games.

Sale, which is pronounced like “chalet”, is one of the most promising prospects for the next NHL draft and another member who has contributed to the resurgence of Czech hockey for the past few years.< /p>Logan Stankoven is jubilant after scoring the goal for Canada that tied the game 2-2 in the second period.

“I like Jonathan Huberdeau because we have the same style. He's a playmaker who makes good passes and has good skating,” he summed up.


This comparison is certainly not pricked with worms. Both wingers are 6 1 in tall and Sale will need to add some flesh around the bone as he swings the scales at 168 lbs, which is awfully similar to Huberdeau's situation during of his draft year, in 2011.

Logan Cooley of the United States jumped past Canadian goaltender Thomas Milic on a shot by a teammate in the second period.

Sale may not be selected as high as third overall in the next draft, as Huberdeau was in 2011 – although nothing is impossible – but he is already showing outstanding skills. for a kid his age.


So far, apart from a meeting at the World Juniors , he was used on Czechia's top line along with Jiri Kulich and Matyas Sapovaliv. 

Jiri Kulich beat Sweden's Carl Lindbom in overtime to lead Czechia to the Grand Final.

“He's so good,” complimented Kulich, who was a first-round pick by the Buffalo Sabers last draft. He is only 17 years old, but he has the experience of facing men. He is a very good person and an excellent player: he can shoot and pass. He can do everything. 

” He is so smart for a player of his age and you can see it as soon as he touches the puck, added the goalkeeper Czechs Tomas Suchanek. His intelligence allows him to make plays and he also has a good shot. 

In the CHL?

In six games so far in the tournament he has five points.

“Playing against men helped me in this tournament, even if the style of play is a bit different. In the professional league, the game is slower and more tactical. Here, the rink is smaller and the game is faster. 

In fact, Sale mentioned that he would like to make the jump to Canada next year. We bet that several teams from the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) are already on the job.