Disappeared under water, the illusionist found: what happened to him

The body of a man swept to one kilometer from the place of performance of the trick, say police

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Исчезнувший под водой иллюзионист найден: что с ним произошло

Cancala Lahiri

On Monday evening, June 17, the police carried out an identification of the body of the illusionist from India Cancala Lahiri, which previously was found dead a kilometre from where he tried to repeat the famous stunt Harry Houdini – “Liberation”.

The magician plunged into the waters of the Ganges river with bound hands and feet. For the execution of the trick the audience watched on two boats. Also people watched the famous Howrah bridge in Calcutta.

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Something went wrong and Lahiri sank. The search for the missing began on the same day. Police and divers unsuccessfully searched the river until dark. As it turned out later, the body of the illusionist claimed to one kilometer from the place of performance of the trick.

Before the performance I enlisted the support of police, Kolkata and the Directorate of the port. “He said that the performance will be held on the boat, so he gave permission, – quotes BBC News one of the police officers. — He vaguely mentioned “extra trick”, but did not elaborate on what was going on”.

Recall, video blogger from Australia, has published on its YouTube channel a short video which shows the trick with the “tearing” of the finger. In addition, spouses magicians have set a new record in speed dressing for a minute.

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