Disclosed details of the filming of the most epic “Game of thrones”. Video

Раскрыты подробности съемок самой эпичной битвы «Игры престолов». Видео

Operator Sean Savages called “the battle of the bastards” favorite scene in the series.

The operator of the cult American series “Game of thrones” Sean savage said, as he removed one of the most epic scenes in the sixth season of “the battle of the bastards”. Interview with him posted on the YouTube channel of Game of Thrones, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to liga.net.

Savage, who works on the film in 2010, called this episode the most favourite for eight years: “This moment, when John snow felled down and crushed, and it is clear that invulnerable hero is on the verge of death.”

The operator noted that originally this scene was scripted differently. Savage said that the actors had a safe word to stop the process in case of danger to their lives. In particular, the scene where kit Harington is selected from under the mass of dead bodies, did not exist in the text.

“The battle of the bastards” in 2016 in the United States received three television Emmy awards. In addition to this, savage was shooting “the Battle on the river Blackwater” in the second season of the show and the “Red wedding” in the third.

“Game of thrones” is an American TV series fantasy, based on the cycle of novels “a Song of ice and fire” by George Martin. On 12 November, he announced the creation of two prequels of the series – the background and continue. Premiere of the first season in the United States was held on 17 April 2011, on 27 August 2017 shows seven seasons. The premiere of the eighth season is scheduled for April 14. The final part of the series consists of six episodes.


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