Disclosed is a Grand deception with the iPhone 11, Apple has hidden the truth

As shown, the battery life iPhone 11 are greatly exaggerated

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Раскрыт грандиозный обман с iPhone 11: Apple скрыла истину

11 iPhone case with battery situation is very bad

At the presentation of iPhone 11 Apple especially focused viewers at an increased battery life of new smartphones. Despite the size and battery capacity, new, supposedly, able to work several hours longer than the iPhone line of XS. This feature fueled the world’s media, calling the achievement of Apple as “the biggest breakthrough”. But, as practice has shown, the autonomy of the iPhone 11 is greatly exaggerated.

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Apple representatives on the scene claimed that the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max work on 4 or 5 hours longer than the iPhone XS and XS Max respectively, and showed a credible graphics. The reality was less rosy — smartphones gained autonomy in average about an hour of work. The iPhone 11 is even worse. Ideological successor to the iPhone XR instead of the promised hours of work working an average of only 6 minutes.

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Similar disappointing results of the testing showed resource, Tom’s Guide. However, the overall result was not so bad: iPhone 11 Pro is able to work 10 hours and 5 minutes from a single charge and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 11 hours and 44 minutes. So despite the deception on the part of Apple, new products still are in the top of the most long-playing smartphone in the world.

Раскрыт грандиозный обман с iPhone 11: Apple скрыла истину

Apple iPhone 11 holds a charge so long, as promised at the presentation, as well as slowly charging

As for charging, then the good news is that Apple finally added the kit quick charger. The bad news is that 18-watt the adapter is very bulky and not as fast as top-end Android smartphones. After 30 minutes of charging iPhone 11 Pro Max has reached 48% capacity in 30 minutes, while the main rival, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 65% for the same time, with a charger for 25 W and OnePlus 7 Pro 60% with charger 40 watts.

Recall that the new generation iPhone will go on sale tomorrow September 20. Also apart from new products, Apple has shown the TOP 5 proposals that remained in the party after the announcement of smartphones.

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