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During the closure of the librairie Chouinard in Lévis, Ghislain Chouinard has made the home delivery. A service that allowed him to go to the encounter of its customers, to better know and discover areas of the city that were unknown.

A week after the close physical of its library, located on the boulevard Guillaume-Couture, he left, every morning, with ten, fifteen orders in his car.

“It allowed me to go to meet my clients and get to know them better. I am out of the trade and I’ve seen where they live and in what reality. I learned a lot and I’ve even discovered corners of the city that I did not know. It was a very beautiful experience, ” he told, during a phone interview.

The sudden closure of shops has led to the library which was established in 1986 to reinvent itself quickly.

A service to self has been put in place. Ghislain Chouinard has had to put an end to it after a week. It was not allowed.

“It’s been 34 years that I operate the bookstore and I always knew where I was going. There were, overnight, and question marks. He had to be ready “, he informed, adding that he expects a second wave that could hurt.

A week after the closure physical, the phone started ringing non-stop. The orders entered through the website of the, by email and by Facebook. Between 25 and 30 orders per day. Online sales have seen an increase of 1000 and 1200 %.

“It took us short. It has even failed to supply, during the first week, to make the packaging, ” said Ghislain Chouinard.

Happiness is contagious

Ghislain Chouinard had temporarily laid off its three employees. This high demand has led him to reinstate all its employees. It comes even to undertake the hiring of a fifth person.

Employees, says the bookshop owner, exercise all of the tasks in this trade, located at the head of bridges. There is no specialization.

“Everyone is working on the floor and it gives booksellers who are happy. The people love their work and it shows in the trade. Happiness is contagious, and customers will return for that reason, ” he remarked.

The staff of the bookstore has continued to advise clients who called to the library when you close the physical.

“It is very well the web, but this is not like when someone responds to the questions of the customer and that it offers him things. And that is the fundamental mission of a bookseller. This is the base “, he explained.

Ghislain Chouinard feels a renewed interest in reading. He finds a significant increase since the reopening of its library.

“We feel that the people we encourage to be there. People discover us and they tell us “, he mentioned.

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