Discovered a neutron star is a stunning size

Neutron star J0740+6620 was the most massive known to science

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Обнаружена нейтронная звезда ошеломительных размеров

Mass a massive neutron star had to turn it into a black hole

Science is known that neutron stars, when they reach critical mass, literally fall in on themselves, collapsibe into a black hole. The exact boundary of the mass of scientists has not yet been determined, but to find the answer to this question will probably help new discovered neutron star, which greatly puzzled the scientists because of their “impossible” sizes, the

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Neutron stars have relatively small sizes, when a large mass – the radius is not more than 20 kilometers at mass as the Sun. Thus, these are the most dense objects in the Universe, at least of those that astronomers can observe directly.

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A team of researchers, using a telescope, Green Bank Telescope, studied a neutron star J0740+6620, located in a binary system with a white dwarf. To the surprise of astronomers, studying the object has a mass of 2.17 solar, despite the fact that the diameter is only about 30 kilometers. Thus, J0740+6620 was the most massive of the studied neutron stars.

According to scientific data, such as weight had to transform a neutron star into a black hole, but this is not happening. According to study co-author Scott ransom, each new “most massive” neutron star leads ever closer to the definition of the limit beyond which a neutron star becomes so dense that it collapses into a black hole. This is probably not the limit. In addition, a record of massive neutron stars, says ransom, “help to understand the physics of matter at such staggering densities”.

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Обнаружена нейтронная звезда ошеломительных размеров

Обнаружена нейтронная звезда ошеломительных размеров

Обнаружена нейтронная звезда ошеломительных размеров


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