Discovery of a body in the back of an apartment building in Gatineau

Découverte d'un corps à l'arrière d'un immeuble à logements de Gatineau

GATINEAU | Gatineau police opened an investigation on Monday after a citizen had discovered a body in the back of an apartment building on the boulevard Mont-Blue, in the Hull sector.

According to the police, the body was discovered at around 17h. Their arrival on the spot, the police have only been able to see the death of the victim and that no maneuver resuscitation was not possible.

The police said that the cause of death is “suspicious”, without giving further details. Psychological help has been offered to the police officers who intervened and to the citizen who discovered the victim, he however been clarified.

No detail has been release by the police of Gatineau on the identity of the victim.

No arrest has been made in this folder. The investigators have moved on place, Monday evening, to make the expertise of the stage and attempt to elucidate this suspicious death.

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