Discovery of antibodies “highly effective”

Découverte d’anticorps «hautement efficaces»

Scientists in california have identified several antibodies capable of neutralizing SARS-CoV-2 when tested in the laboratory, and hope to make available treatment to prevent severe infections as early as next January.

The researchers of the institute, Scripps, a biomedical research center located near San Diego, have isolated in the blood of patients who have recovered from the COVID-19 1,000 antibodies against the deadly virus.

When tested on cultures of human cells, many of them were able to block the sars coronavirus, and thus to prevent an infection. One has also provided protection in hamsters against strong exposure to the virus.

The experts not only to isolate these antibodies, since they have also obtained the genetic sequences, which allows their mass production using biotechnology. These results were published Monday in the journal Science.

To treatment

“We have taken advantage of decades of expertise of our institution, isolation of antibodies, and we quickly turned our attention to the SARS-CoV-2 to identify these antibodies to be highly effective [highly potent], “says Elise Landais, a co-author of the study and senior scientist at IAVI, in a press release.

IAVI is an international, nonprofit organization that specializes in the scientific research addressing the pressing health problems and overall. It has provided financial assistance in the framework of this project.

The injection of such antibodies could be proposed to patients who are in the early stages of the COVID-19, or persons who are suspected of having recently been exposed to the coronavirus, and as well help to prevent more serious complications of this disease, the details in the press release of the research institute.

Next steps

For audiences such as health care workers and the elderly, such injections could provide protection similar to that of a vaccine, but of shorter duration.

This approach has already been used with success against the Ebola virus, and respiratory syncytial virus.

However, additional testing in animals and testing in good and due form on humans must be made to ensure the safety of this treatment. If these steps go well, ” the antibodies could be used in a clinical setting as early as January next “, advance to the center of california.

“We want to put at the disposal of those who need it most, including people living in countries with low and middle income,” said Ms. Landes.

— With the collaboration of the QMI Agency

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