Discrepancy of figures between Legault and the ministry of Health

Contradiction de chiffres entre Legault et le ministère de la Santé

While François Legault says that he needs 1000 workers from the Red Cross in the CHSLD, an email from the ministry of Health requires only 500 people to fill the void left by the departure of the military.

“Unfortunately, the soldiers left. Mr. Trudeau [Justin] told us that they would be replaced by people from the Red Cross. […] It was not surprised that the 1000 promised were not respected, unfortunately, ” railed again last Tuesday, the prime minister, complaining about the slowness of deployment of staff of the Red Cross.

For weeks, Quebec claims to need 1000 military NURSING until 15 September to face the COVID. It has even created tensions between the two levels of government.

But now the needs are estimated at around 500 people.

In an email, which The Newspaper has obtained a copy, the ministry of Health explains to Ottawa on June 26th, ” the deployment of the teams of the Red Cross is wanted for a total of 500 people “.

Lean contingent

On Wednesday, the Red Cross has confirmed that 150 people were ready to be deployed as of the date of the 8 July as promised, but only 24 of them are up to now. It waits for the confirmations of site for deployments that must provide the health centres.

Dated as of June 26, 868 orderlies were always absent in connection with the COVID, according to the ministry of Health.

Needs of staff in care centres

Region Number of persons requested
CIUSSS of the Île-de-Montréal206
CIUSSS of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec12
CIUSSS of the National Capital13
CISSS of the Laurentians79
CISSS de Laval45
All the CISSS de la Montérégie145
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