Disgruntled traders to block the street Rachel

Mécontents, des commerçants bloquent la rue Rachel

Unhappy with the new configuration of the city, of the merchants of the rue Rachel, Montreal, have blocked access to a part of the artery.

Thus, at the corner of Rachel and rue Aylwin, of the cones of the construction have been laid out to prevent cars and passers-by to liberty.

The traders began their protest at 7: 30 Friday morning.

It is only since the end of may, pathways that were once used for parking lots have been converted in corridor health for pedestrian and cycle paths.

This new configuration makes it so that there remain only two lanes to allow cars to move and more places to park their car. By doing this, customers are far less likely to go to the shops, are in support of the owners.

“There are 90% of our clientele who come in the office [in] the self, argues Roch Gagné, an accountant who is local commercial. There has been an ambulance service recently in the area, and ambulances are parked halfway in the bike lane and in the street.”

For his part, Pierre Lafond, real estate broker at RE/MAX, does not include the new development.

“It is on a residential street, while we praised the merits of corridors on the commercial streets. Here, there is a person who uses the corridor health,” he says.

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