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Disinformation: back after delisting

Misinformation: back after delisting


This article is part of a dossier on the dozens of workers who have been punished since the start of the pandemic for their anti-vaccine remarks, anti-sanitary measures or for having failed to respect certain rules. Speakers explain the need for these sanctions while others denounce a “slippage”.

Le Journal attempted to consult with three professionals who had been temporarily disbarred and were back in practice this spring. The acupuncturist and the chiropractor we met both failed to wear the mask correctly throughout the session when it was still compulsory in public places, in March and April.

UPside-Down MASK

Philippe Landry, chiropractor

The Disciplinary Council accused him of having performed treatments without wearing a mask. 

Questioned by an investigator in July 2020, “the respondent replied that he did not believe in the pandemic”. 

To a patient, he “mentions that the authorities are exaggerating and that COVID-19 is a conspiracy”.

“In front of the Council, he is more concerned about the loss of income and the media coverage of his file than the well-being of his patients”, can we read in the document of February 23, 2021.

Le Journalwent to see Mr. Landry on April 6, 2022. He did not say anything that departed from his field of practice, but he wore his procedure mask upside down (the white part visible) and under the nose throughout the treatment. 

“I didn't realize it,” he explained when contacted by phone afterwards. 

“I do everything the order asks of me,” he assured. “I agree with them. We don't have much, much choice […] We keep our mouths shut. » 


Lisa Ghirotto, acupuncturist

Fine: $5,500

The Disciplinary Council accused him of having repeatedly failed to wearing protective equipment such as a mask and goggles, and having made questionable remarks in front of an investigator who was posing as a client.

“The respondent makes a speech stipulating that the vaccine against COVID-19 is a genetic experiment, that it is “shit”, that it will sterilize young people to extinguish the human lineage […] that the President Trump is here to enlighten [sic] the elite,” the March 3, 2021 document reads.

The Journal is went to consult Ms. Ghirotto at the end of March 2022. Throughout the session, the acupuncturist wore her mask under her nose. 

At the time, the reporter had redness on her toes that doctors associate with the effects of COVID-19. Ms Ghirotto suggested it could be vaccine-related sequelae or “heavy metals” in the air. 

Confronted by phone afterwards, she explained that the mask prevented him from breathing. She also assured that she was a “good person who helps people”.  


Éric Larochelle, chiropractor

The Disciplinary Council criticized him for having failed to wear the mask in his clinic and in his office. 

Questioned by a false client, he advanced “arguments denying the existence of a pandemic and the dangerousness of the virus”, can we read in the document of September 17, 2021.

He is also one of the signatories of an open letter from the “Collectif pour une information libre” of December 2020 criticizing the media coverage of the pandemic and questioning the “impartiality” and the possible “conflicts of interest” of journalists.  

Le Journal tried several times in April 2022 to make an incognito appointment with Mr. Larochelle, in vain. A receptionist mentioned in particular that it was going to be difficult given the absence of a recommendation from another client. 

Le Journal questioned Mr. Larochelle afterwards to find out if it was a way to avoid the visit of investigators. “No, I have enough work, he assured. I serve the people I know.

“The Order minds its own business. Journalists mind their business and I mind my business. And we have no choice but to follow”, he commented. 

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