Dismantling of a laboratory of drug: four suspects appear

Démantèlement d'un laboratoire de drogue: quatre suspects comparaissent

The four suspects appeared Monday in the wake of the dismantling of the eastern Townships of one of the most important laboratories of synthetic drugs ever discovered in Quebec.

Emmanuel Pereira, 46 years of Sorel-Tracy, Alexandre Beaucage, 44 years old, Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, Roxanne Savard, age 45 of Danville, and Roxanne Turgeon-Strauss, 25 years of the Holy Spirit, are facing a total of 28 charges.

Roxanne Savard and Emmanuel Pereira, who are the only ones accused of production and trafficking of drugs remain in prison until at least their investigation to their release, on the 6th of July next.

During this time, the dismantling of the laboratory was continued for a third day in a row in Danville. It seemed to be housed in the garage, but for the first time on Monday, investigators of the Sûreté du Québec have also entered the residence located on this area.

The chief chemist from Health Canada were also on hand. The mayor of Danville Michel Plourde, waits with impatience the result of his analysis.

“It is possible that the soil and the water course which passes near to be contaminated. It is sure that it is worrying, but we will wait for the report before getting excited”, he commented.

According to our information, the Sûreté du Québec had spotted the clandestine laboratory in the fall of 2019, and since January, agents were regularly stationed on the other side of the street to observe from afar what was going on.

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