Disney is going to change an attraction based on a film from the connotations racist

Disney va modifier une attraction basée sur un film aux connotations racistes

Disney is going to modify the attractions, “Splash Mountain” for its american parks, which evoke the past in a racist United States, to bring the colors of the first princess black, Tiana, he announced Thursday.

Popular Attraction in Disneyland (California) and Disney World (Florida), “Splash Mountain” is an aquatic course in a trunk dummy ending on a big fall in the water.

The current theme of “Splash Mountain” is from a Disney movie very controversial, ” Melody of the South.” On its release in 1946, he had attracted many critics who said he was disseminating racist clichés and paint in a idyllic the slave plantations of the old South of the United States.

For these reasons, the film is not released at the cinema since the 1980s and has never been released on DVD. “Melody of the South” has also been deliberately kept away from the platform’s catalogue of on-demand video Disney+.

The two “Splash Mountain” will be “completely réimaginés” and will in the future scene in the story of ” the Princess and The Frog “, whose heroine Tiana is the first princess black Disney.

“The new concept will be inclusive, all our visitors will be able to find and be inspired by it, and he will speak to the diversity of the millions of people who visit our parks each year,” said the world number one in entertainment in a press release.

This decision comes at a time when many statues and monuments associated with slavery and racist oppression are removed or débaptisés across the United States, in the wake of protests against the death of George Floyd.

For Disney, the re-theming of Splash Mountain is of significance particularly important today “, but the company says that it had already started this process since last year and has used it to question its attractions, in conformity with their time.

In the aftermath of the movement #MeToo, a scene showing women sold for auction had been removed from an attraction “Pirates of the Caribbean” at Disneyland.

“It is important that our visitors can recognise themselves in the experiences that we create,” said Carmen Smith, responsible for the creation and inclusion strategies at Disney.

The group has not specified the date on which these changes would be completed in two parks of the u.s., who are for the moment closed due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

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