Disney is preparing a sequel to the movie “Zeropolis”

The name of the Director has not yet been disclosed

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Disney готовит продолжение мультфильма "Зверополис"

Scene from the cartoon “Zeropolis”

The Disney Studio, which presented the trailer of the film adaptation of the cartoon “Lady and the Tramp”, is already working on the second part of the cartoon “Zeropolis“. The main characters will once again voiced by Jennifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman. However, the details of the plot of “Zeropolis 2”, and the name of the Director are not disclosed.

Watch the video about how the company “Disney” donated half a million dollars for the restoration of a population of lions:

The first cartoon took place in the city of Zeropolis, populated with different animals. Zeropolis is divided into areas, which completely replicates the natural habitat of the different residents there are also an elite area of the Sahara and Thunderation.

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In this town there is a new police officer, a cheerful zaychiha Judy Hopps, which from the first days of work understands how difficult it is to be small and fluffy among the big and strong police. Judy grabs the first opportunity to prove themselves, despite the fact that her partner will be talkative sly Fox Nick Wilde. Together they have to solve a complicated case which will determine the fate of all the inhabitants of Zeropolis.

Premiere of “Zeropolis” Byron Howard, rich Moore and Jared Bush took place in February 2016.

Recall that the Disney Studio has found a Director for feature films “Chip and Dale rescue Rangers”, which will involve live actors. The project employs Akiva Schaffer, who gained fame as a member of the Comedy trio Lonely Island, and the author of separate issues show “Saturday night live” and feature film “Pop star: don’t stop, don’t stop”.

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