Disney+ : launch date, price, arrival in France… all the info

Disney+ : date de lancement, prix, arrivée en France... toutes les infos

Disney+ : launch date, price, arrival in France… all the info

This is the big competitor of Netflix, that’s what : Disney+. The streaming platform, announced its launch date, price, catalog… So when is it that you will be able to mater the Disney movies, star Wars or Marvel in France ? That’s all the info to know !

Disney+ will be launched in November in the USA

It’s official, Disney+ now has a launch date, price, and even a catalog. In the new official press release from Disney, the company, Mickey mouse has revealed that the streaming platform will be launched on 12 November in the United States. And when is this SVOD will be available in France ? As early as 2020 (between April and June, according to several tweeters). In fact, it is reported that, after the USA, Disney+ will then be marketed in the first half of 2020 in the countries of western Europe, of which France is part, before spreading to the rest of the world. It will therefore be necessary still to wait a few months, until the next year to be able to quell your cartoons favorite !

Its price ?

The price of Disney+ give him also want to subscribe to it. The company that makes both dreaming of the children that the greatest has announced a price of only 6,99 dollars for the monthly subscription (compared to Netflix starts at $ 8.99 per month). A subscription of $ 70 per year also has been expected to make savings. But attention, this are the american(s)who are affected by these prices in dollars. The prices in euros for France have not yet been released.

This is what awaits you

As to the programs expected to be on Disney+, they are very numerous. The platform promises 7500 series episodes and 500 movies since its launch. Robert Iger, CEO the Walt Disney Company, has even posted on Twitter a picture of what it will look like the catalog. As you can see in his tweet, there will be movies, series and even documentaries of the universe, such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

You can also watch animation films like The Snow Queen or The Lion King, movies in live-action such as Dumbo and 101 dalmatians, as films produced by the Disney studios as the sagas of Pirates of the Caribbean and Narnia. Original productions will also be available, as the original version of lady and The Tramp.

On the side of Pixar, you’ll also have access to opus from Toy Story as the Incredibles. Fans of the Disney Channel will also be the trilogy High School Musical , which will also be adapted in the series.

The side of Star Wars, episodes recent, but also older, such as Star Wars, episode IV : A new hope will be present but also the series The Mandalorian and another series focused on Cassian Andor with Diego Luna. Ditto with the Marvel universe, that will put even Captain Marvel in its catalog, and will be enriched by many original series centered on Loki (Tom Hiddleston), the Red Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) or the Soldier of the winter (Sebastian Stan). And since the company bought the Fox, the entirety of the animated series The Simpsons will be available exclusively and even Avatar will also be part of the package.

Except that for France, the programs may be different from those of the United States, as Netflix is already doing it. We should know more closer to launch with us !


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