Disney Princesses, Star Wars, Marvel… This woman made cosplay amazing with her hijab

Princesses Disney, Star Wars, Marvel... Cette femme fait des cosplays incroyables avec son hijab

Disney Princesses, Star Wars, Marvel… This woman made cosplay amazing with her hijab

On Instagram, Saraswati alias Queen of Luna makes cosplay awesome with just make-up and her hijab. This Malaysian is transformed then into princesses Disney, villains of animation films, as characters in Star Wars, Marvel, but also DC Comics, and Harry Potter. And the result is always amazing!!

Transformations into Disney characters

Saraswati is a woman living in Malaysia. Attended by over 400 000 subscribers on his account in Instagram called the Queen of Luna, she has a real talent of metamorphosis. His thing ? Make-up and use her hijab to create cosplay to die for ! This woman is thus transformed, in particular in princesses or villains from Disney, Star Wars and Marvel.

The “queen of the moon” Insta has thus become a Ariel of The little mermaid (whose adaptation in live-action has finally found her prince Eric and this is not Harry Styles), or even Cinderella and Mulan animated films namesake more true-to-life, thanks to the makeup and veil. Outside of Disney princesses, Saraswati has also liked to dress up as “naughty” as Evil (not the sleeping beauty but the one embodied by Angelina Jolie in the spin-off on the nasty), Hades shot ofHercules and Cruella of 101 dalmatians.

The Malaysian very talented with a brush and a hijab has also given life to the princess Leia of the saga Star Wars and the characters in the MCU as Gamora of Guardians of the Galaxy (in the comics of Marvel, but also in the version Zoe Saldana movies) and Mystique from X-Men. Even Kim Possible (the spy of the Disney Channel, who will return to the movie) is part of the cosplay that she has tried.

Metamorphoses in the Wild, Annabelle…

The one that gets him the nickname Queen of Luna on Insta also tried the characters of DC Comics such as the Joker (the one of Joaquin Phoenix) and Harley Quinn (as Margot Robbie interpreter in Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey). She has even recreated Hermione saga Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, star of the famous manga of the nineties who had had a lively, the three heroines of the Super Girls, Daphne franchise Scooby-Doo or even villains like the doll Annabelle and the Grinch.

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