Disney+ : The Snow Queen, the Avengers, Star Wars… Explore the entire content

Disney+ : La Reine des Neiges, Avengers, Star Wars... Découvrez l'intégralité des contenus

Disney+ : The Snow Queen, the Avengers, Star Wars… Explore the entire content

On 24 march 2020, Disney+ arrives in France. The streaming platform everyone’s been waiting for has even unveiled the entirety of the contents, history to make you want to subscribe to. What is planned ? More than 500 movies and over 300 series from cartoon classics from Disney movies, Marvel, Star Wars and others (like Mom I missed the plane and Avatar), passing by the productions the Disney Channel, and even the series The Simpsons from Fox.

Disney+ : a catalogue phew

Finally, Disney+ landed in France on the 24th march 2020 ! The streaming platform, without the pub will become a competitor of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or even Apple TV+. And the catalog sends heavy : Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, or even the Fox are part of what awaits you. Lé giant US known for Mickey even comes to reveal the entirety of its contents, which brings together more than 500 movies and over 300 series. It promises to be a weekend whole of bingewatching !

You will be able to review classics like the cartoon Cinderella, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, but also more recent ones such as The Snow Queen and Vaiana, the legend of the end of the world. You will also be able to mater the Pixar animation, Toy Story to finding Nemo, passing by up There. Still for the nostalgia, you’ll be able to watch productions Disney Channel : Camp Rock, Descendants , and even Hannah Montana : the movie are part of it.

The superhero fans will dig it, with the movies X-Men, the Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy or Iron Man for the next Marvel. Not to mention the first 7 films of the saga, Skywalker, but also Rogue One : A Star Wars Story and all of the episodes of The Clone Wars.

Mom I missed the plane, The chronicles of Narnia, Avatar… are also in the program

In addition to Disney Pixar, programs, Disney Channel, Marvel and Star Wars, Disney+ will also allow you to see cult movies like Mom I missed the plane (which is going to have a reboot), The chronicles of Narnia, 10 good reasons for you to drop, ice age, Avatar, Anastasia, Poucelina

And then, you’ll have access to 26 creations Disney+ Originals exclusive. Like what ? The Mandalorian, High School Musical : the musical comedy, the series, The lady and the Tramp in live-action, The World according to Jeff Goldblum , or the program short unique Range questions (with the character of Toy Story 4).

And it adds also the first 30 seasons of the Simpsons (so more than 600 episodes). In short, before you get it all mater on Disney+, it will take you many months (or even years).

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