Disney+ : we know the date of his arrival in France (and it’s going to very quickly happen)

Disney+ : on connait la date de son arrivée en France (et ça va très vite arriver)

Disney+ : we know the date of his arrival in France

Netflix and Prime Video may shake, their reign is about to come to an end. In a few days, the streaming platform, Disney+ will land in the USA. And on the side of France ? The date fell. Appointments as early as 2020 for its launch.

You will find that there are already too many series to watch ? You spend more time looking for a film in the catalog of Netflix or Prime Video to watch ? Your banker you boycott to force you to ruin in subscriptions legal platforms SVOD ? No luck, the situation is not about to improve.

Disney+ landed in France in…

On the 12th of November in the USA, this is Disney who will officially launch Disney+, and who will thus join the war of the platforms of streaming already very powerful with the DC Universe, Hulu, Apple TV+ Netflix, Prime Video… And for France ? This comes to be confirmed, it is the 31 march 2020 that the service will be available from us, as well as in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany or Italy.

A choice of date surprising when it is known that Disney+ will offer very soon in the USA some of his own original creations, such as the series The Mandalorian (Star Wars) or High School Musical the Musical. The platform would it not afraid of piracy ?

Attention to the catalog

Also, if you have to again sacrifice hours of sleep and your presence in class/at work, to discover all the content of the future catalog of Disney+, prepare to be disappointed. The platform has recently unveiled its gigantic program in a video of 3 hours, but it will only apply to the USA.

On the side of France, like Netflix or Prime Video, Disney+ will be forced to the chronology of the media, as well as to certain exploitation rights already held (temporarily) by others. In other words, don’t expect to discover the latest movies of the MCU, Disney or Pixar before several (long) years.

$ 7 more per month to watch stuff that we already have in DVD, is this a good investment ? You have 4 hours.

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