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Disney World raises the price of its admission tickets

Disney World is raising the price of its admission tickets


If you were planning on going to Disney World in Florida in 2023, you will definitely need to rethink your budget.  

Indeed, the famous amusement park has decided to raise the price of its admission tickets for the second time this year. 

Since last February, the prices for a day for a park vary between $109 and $159 US. 

However, starting December 8 , tickets to three of Disney World's four parks in Orlando will increase. 

a day for one person for Magic Kingdom will be between $124 and $189 US. 

To enter Hollywood Studios, you will have to pay e between $124 and $179 US. 

Finally, for EPCOT, prices will vary between $114 and $169 US. 

The prices for Animal Kingdom remain unchanged. 

Remember that Magic Kingdom is the most visited amusement park in the world. In 2021, despite the pandemic and the health measures in force, 12 million people visited the place. 

For 2022, the profits of Disney World amount at $83 billion. 

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