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Disney World ride closure: 'Splash Mountain' water sold on eBay

Closing a ride at Disney World: Water from « Splash Mountain” sold on eBay


While the closure of the famous “Splash Mountain” ride in Magic Kingdom park, at Disney World, in Florida, saddens many, others rather sense a magnificent business opportunity.  

Lucky people who were able to board the famous ride on its last day of operation, Sunday, took the opportunity to collect water and put it up for sale on the transactional site eBay

Mason jars, water bottles or Ziploc bags, the types of containers used to contain the precious liquid are numerous. 

The highest bid late Tuesday afternoon was $84.28 Canadian (US$63) for a small Masson pot of water recovered on the last day.   

The Splash Mountain ride, inaugurated in 1992, closed its doors permanently on Sunday. 

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