Disorder of attention in the child: the United States approve the first game of “therapy digital”

Trouble de l’attention chez l’enfant: les États-Unis approuvent le premier jeu de « thérapie numérique »

American health authorities have approved the first treatment-based games for children with a disorder attention deficit (ADHD), a new illustration of the trend in the use of “therapies” digital.

The u.s. agency drug administration (FDA) said on Monday it had approved the sale by prescription of the game ” EndeavorRX “, the start-up Akili Interactive, for children 8 to 12 years of age with these disorders.

According to the FDA, it is the first therapy digital designed to treat ADHD, as well as the first therapy based on a game to be approved for any type of disease.

The game, developed to improve cognitive functions, is to enroll in a program that may also include other types of therapy, medication, and educational programs.

EndeavorRx “provides an option for non-drug to improve the symptoms associated with ADHD in children, and is an important example of the growth in the field of the therapy digital,” said Jeffrey Shuren, head of FDA.

Therapies digital have been approved for certain treatments, such as disorders addictive, and are in the process of being tested for several other problems, from chronic pain to anxiety.

EndeavorRX allows children to control the characters like cartoons moving on a hoverboard flying.

Its approval comes after a study on nearly 600 children with disorder of attention.

According to the company, the research shows that after a treatment of four weeks with EndeavorRx, one-third of the children had more attention deficit measurable on at least one objective measure of attention, and that nearly half of the parents had observed a significant change in the disorder of their child.

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