Dissemination of “false and shocking” information: Senegal defends its “beaten” diplomat

Spreading “false and shocking” information: Senegal” splits his “beaten” diplomat


The Senegalese Embassy in Ottawa deplored on Saturday the dissemination of “false and shocking” information about one of its collaborators, aiming according to it to “dilute the seriousness” of the “unacceptable police violence” suffered by the diplomat. 

His arrest in early August caused an outcry in Senegal and embarrassed the Canadian government.

Mrs. Niang Oumou Kalsoum Sall, Foreign Affairs Advisor, was the victim of “humiliating physical and moral violence while being handcuffed and beaten, according to Dakar, during an intervention by the Gatineau police at her home.

The intervention was intended to accompany a bailiff who had come to notify the diplomat of an order from the Administrative Tribunal of housing.

This order, obtained by Radio Canada and consulted by AFP, condemned the diplomat to pay more than 45,000 dollars to her landlord for “unpaid rent” and damage to the accommodation.

In a note from information at the end of the week, the Senegalese embassy considers that the “allegations” against Ms. Niang “betray a manifest desire to dilute the seriousness of the incident which relates to a flagrant and serious violation of the provisions of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations”.

She also regrets that the information relayed by the press “is based on the lessor's version alone”. that it was in good faith throughout, that it had suffered from the start of heating and humidity problems due to non-compliance with construction standards and that its owner had been threatening to his regard.

Exasperated, Ms. Niang finally decided to move out in October 2020 and, upon handing over the keys, offered the housing manager the last rent due, which he refused.

Still according to the Embassy, ​​Ms. Niang received a few months later by way of a bailiff a request for payment of 57,207 dollars to cover, in particular, the cost of rebuilding the house.

Ms. Niang for her part indicated by through a lawyer that she only owed the landlord the rent for the month of October, which the manager had not wanted to take.

The Embassy believes that in light of these explanations, the charges against Ms. Niang do not stand up.

“Nothing in this case can justify the violence suffered by Ms. Niang and her minor children”, concludes the embassy, ​​indicating “to follow very closely the investigation which was ordered into the unacceptable actions of the police officers”.

The Canadian government had condemned the incident, the judge being unacceptable.