Divergent : what is the end for Tris, Four and the other in the novels ?

Divergente : quelle fin pour Tris, Quatre et les autres dans les romans ?

Divergent : what is the end for Tris, Four and the other in the novels ?

After the first two parts, W9 broadcasts this Monday, February 24, Divergent 3 : beyond the wall. The saga worn by Shailene Woodley and Theo James would finish with a fourth film that never saw the light of day. But then, what happens to Tris, Four and the other at the end of the novels by Veronica Roth ? If you’ve always been too lazy to read, PRBK thought of you and tells you the end of the saga.

Before being a movie, Divergent is originally a trilogy written by the american Veronica Roth and published between 2011 and 2013. As with Twilight , or Hunger Games, the studios that produced the film adaptation have wanted to split the last book into two films. Except that unlike its predecessors, the saga with Shailene Woodley (check out what happens to the actors) has not really worked well in the rooms.

Why Divergent did not end at the cinema

First slated for release in march 2017, Divergent 4 was ultimately never saw the light of day because of the bad results of the Divergent 3 (the film has reported that 179 million recipes for a budget of $ 142 million). As a result of this failure, the studios, Lionsgate, which produced the saga have explained to want to conclude the saga in a tv movie. An idea which has not really pleased the actors. Shailene Woodley and Theo James have explained in the press that they do not wish to resume their roles. A series also has a time been considered, but the project is also dropped to the water.

An end a deadly and criticised for Divergent

But how, then, ends the trilogy by Veronica Roth ? In the film, Tris and the others discover that the city of Chicago was, in fact, a large experiment aimed at purifying the human genome and the heroine revealed the existence of the Bureau to the whole world before that, a huge explosion opened the gates of the city. In the novel, the plot is obviously similar even if the film version has made some changes to the story.

The saga literary had an end fatal to two main characters : Uriah, played by Keiynan Lonsdale) would die after an explosion that had left him in a state of brain death. Another death to be very controversial ? The Tris ! Yes, the heroine finally die. At the end of the last novel, Tris was shot after replacing his brother Caleb (Ansel Elgort in the saga) : she wanted to prevent the spread of a serum that would have allowed the Bureau to erase the memories of the inhabitants (and thus the revelation regarding the true nature of the city of Chicago). This is David (Jeff Daniels) that he was shooting at. After his death, Four (Theo James) was about to inject the serum before Christina (Zoë Kravitz) does so change his mind. In the last chapter, we head past two and a half years later and Tobias/Four, accepting, finally, the death of Tris, was scattering his ashes.

An end which had not pleased the fans of the saga. The author Veronica Roth had even been forced to explain. “This end has always been part of my plans but I want to clarify the fact that it is not chosen to shock or upset anyone, or because I’m ruthless with my characters. (…) In the end, she has a conversation with David where she talks about her feelings on the sacrifice, that it should be held by love, by force and by necessity. It was a Sorts, who knew that she believed in altruism. Who knew who she was. Who knew what she wanted to do” was written the author on his blog. And to complete : “I will miss It, this is a voice of Sorts in my head. But I am so, so proud of his strength“.

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