Divination on the Annunciation 2019: TOP 3 popular predictions

What divination on the Annunciation will talk about the husband, about the fate and future life

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Гадания на Благовещение 2019: ТОП-3 популярных предсказаний

Divination on the Annunciation

April 7 marks the great feast of the Annunciation. In 2019 it falls on a Sunday, a day off. What are omens and divination, the girls in the old days was to know about her husband at the Annunciation, find out in our article.

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One of the favorite pastimes in the feast of the unmarried girls was fortune-telling and divination. For example, the Annunciation was watching the behavior of birds and weather, to predict the future. All the maps to guess the Annunciation is impossible, because the Church does not welcome card divination, and especially in such a great holiday. But the girls have long tried to look ahead, paying attention to people’s signs the day of the Annunciation, and to tell fortunes at her spouse.

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  • Guessing the Annunciation of marriage on the branch

The day of the Annunciation the girls wanted to know will they get married this year. For that, he took a small living and a flexible twig for the night put it under my pillow while making a wish. And in the morning watched: if the branch remained intact is meant that the wish will not come true, but if it is broke, you can prepare for the wedding.

But the surest sign of the imminent marriage among girls was found was considered the day of the Annunciation of the spring primrose (Primula).

  • How to read the Annunciation to betrothed the birds

If the girl has some applicants on hand and heart, and faces the problem of whom to choose, come to the aid of divination by birds. We need each guy to make his bird e.g. Sparrow, crow, bird, pigeon, etc. And then go outside and carefully observe who the birds before the other gets in the eyes, and the guy will be betrothed.

Also on the Annunciation this morning after waking up girls hurried to the window to see which birds arrive first. Dove or bird is a good sign for a pleasant change in his personal life. Crow – to the sorrow and the Sparrow – cash embezzlement.

  • Divination on the Annunciation on the groom for baking

The Annunciation is often baked buns in the form of larks, to attract the spring, warmth, harvest and pleasant change in life. These birds, too, can wonder at her spouse. To do this, cut the paper, write on them the names of prospective candidates for marriage, and then to invest in a few rolls. What name will fall bun, and to wait for matchmakers.

But in the Church the Eucharist was wondering, hiding in one of them a coin. Then called all the family members together and offered to choose a consecrated Eucharist. Someone from the family members gets the bread with the coin, the whole year will not know needs.

Earlier we talked about the Church’s feasts and fasts in April 2019.

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Гадания на Благовещение 2019: ТОП-3 популярных предсказаний

Гадания на Благовещение 2019: ТОП-3 популярных предсказаний

Гадания на Благовещение 2019: ТОП-3 популярных предсказаний


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