Divorced Ostapchuk decided who will “roast” of the Ukrainian stars

Разведенный Остапчук определился, кого будет "жарить" из украинских звезд

Vladimir Ostapchuk, the frame of the clip parody

today, 09:39

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and the participant of show “Dances with stars z” Vladimir Ostapchuk, who recently divorced his wife, often pleases his fans with bright publications in Instagram. This time the bachelor star shared with fans the news, showed unusual photos, and great intrigued “roasting”.

On the new photo, which published Vladimir, he poses on the stage of the musical award Yuna awards last year, then he was leading her. And now Dylan has hinted to fans that this year will be the moderator of the ceremony, which will be held March 24. In the caption to the photo Ostapchuk wrote: “2️01️9️. That we saw that awful Ostapchuk held @yunaawards, not funny, squirt, get someone nice next time. 2️0️2️0️ – ahahaha. Well, the showbiz, hang in there, this year will be roasted well done. Well, the music will certainly be a lot of music.”

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Recall that Ostapchuk after a divorce and “Dancing with the stars” I couldn’t resist.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Ostapchuk was handcuffed and locked in a cage.

Also, the portal “Znayu” I wrote that Ostapchuk after “Dancing with the stars” and painful divorce urgently needed assistance to the Ukrainians.

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