DJ Snake says : the collab with Lady Gaga “not gone well”, “I was going to stop the music”

DJ Snake confie : la collab avec Lady Gaga "s'est pas bien passée", "j'allais arrêter la musique"

DJ Snake says : the collab with Lady Gaga “not gone well”, “I was going to stop the music”

Today, DJ Snake is a French artists known all over the world. But before drilling, the music producer has had a hard time. He even confessed on the set of Daily on Thursday 13 February 2020 on TMC that he wanted to end it all after having worked with Lady Gaga. In effect, this was “not very well”.

Lady Gaga?? “It is complicated”

Came to speak of his latest album “White Card” in Daily life this Thursday, February 13, 2020 on TMC, DJ Snake has told Yann Barthes and his team have failed to halt her career just before it takes off. “I was going to stop the music,” he confessed : “I was going to give up everything”, “to make a taf normal, to pay my bills. And here I thought it was finished, some people have said to me : ‘Yeah, I think you’re too old. You perceras not, it is finished'”. It was in 2011, the French artist was not yet known and just produce songs for the album “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. Except that their collaboration had not gone as he had hoped : “It’s not super well-spent, full of levels”.

DJ Snake in Daily life : French artist admits to having wanted to stop after his collab with Lady Gaga that has not gone well

DJ Snake, said : “Artistically it was great, I learned a lot at his side”. “It’s complicated, but as I am and as other artists are, this is normal,” he added, “after that maybe it was the position in which I was, being a little frenchman, who spoke not really English, which was not a name – I was not David Guetta at the time – I listened to least,” and “when I had an idea etc, it was like : ‘Yeah, uh no’. And so a lot of frustration”. A bit sidelined for this collaboration with Lady Gaga, the DJ with the now world famous has not lived through this period.

DJ Snake says he is “offended”

Thoroughly in his work, the one who has blocked her mother on Instagram explained : “I am someone who is passionate about me so if I do something and I deliver a song for an album and when the album is released your song has nothing to do with what you’re doing”. Necessarily, he has not taken it well : “Despite the money, despite the buzz”, “I am offended. You have touched my baby and it has nothing to see actually”. In addition to not being able to express themselves as much as he wanted to, Snake has seen its securities for Lady gaga reworked differently : “It was a little hard”.

Added to this is the lack of money and recognition of the time, as he had indicated to Konbini : “We had no money to eat, it was complicated but we had the passion. This is where the frustration is born : when you’re a person, that you are in the studio with people and you can’t really driver session”, “it is hard to make art in the order (…) We finished this adventure and I was reassembled. Not against them but against myself”.

Then, in 2013, DJ Snake was known with Turn Down for What, which becomes a hit around the world (it is even certified 6 times platinum in the United States). Since then, he has chained the tubes, Get Low with Dillon Francis, to Lean On in feat. with Major Lazer, passing by Let Me Love You with Justin Bieber, or even Taki Taki with Cardi B, Selena Gomez and Ozuna.

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