Dmitri Stupka: “RestYou became my guide and assistant in the restaurant world.”

The famous actor Dmitry Stupka said about the innovative service for restaurants RestYou and why he agreed to represent the brand

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Дмитрий Cтупка: "RestYou стал  для меня  гидом  и помощником в мире ресторанов"

The smartphone has long been the main assistant at work and everyday life. Many applications deliver us from routine chores and release time for creative work or communicating with friends and family. Illustrative example is the innovative service RestYou, which has already become for many a new pleasant discovery.

About the mobile app RestYou, its convenience and benefits, we talked to the representative of the famous dynasty of actors of the Ukrainian Dmytro Stupka, who became the Ambassador and media face of the project RestYou.

Dmitry, how did your collaboration with the team RestYou?

Once, during a stay in new York, I have used a similar mobile app. It remember me the convenience and efficiency of use. You understand that the life of an actor differs frantic pace and deal with organisational issues time left. When I learned about the Ukrainian mobile application that makes unnecessary calls, directly on the Internet to solve the issues of visiting the restaurant, have downloaded it on your smartphone and immediately decided to test. The first order of the table showed that RestYou – simple, useful, convenient and reliable service.

Agree that one thing is just to use some service and quite another to be his representative. This requires some effort and time. And you said that the pace of life of the actor is just crazy. However, you agreed to become the Ambassador RestYou…

You know, I like the idea expressed by Eugene will Muranen, the founder of the company Rawira (these are the guys who made and promote the application RestYou). Eugene never tired of repeating that if we want to become Europeans, we need to work for them. When I started to use the service, not inferior to what I saw once in new York, but by Ukrainians in Ukraine, said: “we Need to support them.” So it is not only useful and convenient application for organizing the trip to the restaurant. We are changing approaches to life. That is, perform a certain civilizational mission. Maybe sounds a bit pretentious, but the way it is.

Totally agree with you. Tell me, do you know somebody from your surroundings, public people who are already using RestYou?

Since I became the media face of the service, Willy-nilly, be aware of my friends who have already installed the application on the smartphone and what he thinks about it. For example, Andrew Dzhedzhula learned from me about the RestYou and uses it constantly.

Дмитрий Cтупка: "RestYou стал  для меня  гидом  и помощником в мире ресторанов"

ResYou guide in the world of restaurants

So what is this service? The purpose of the Rest of You – to simplify all processes associated with visiting a cafe or restaurant, from choosing the institution before payment. Using the app, you can:

  • to select an institution to view the menu.
  • to learn about availability and to book a table;
  • choose from the restaurant menu and pay instantly;
  • if you need to order food from a takeaway.

The user application can not call the restaurant to book a table. By the time of arrival at the restaurant table waiting for a client, the waiters cooled his vending bottle of wine and ready to serve the first dish, and ordered take-out food carefully Packed.

For the first month of release, the app was downloaded 2500 people, was decorated more than 1000 orders. Now asset RestYou more than 400 popular establishments of Kiev of different price categories: from affordable cafes to luxury restaurants, more than 30 cafes and restaurants in Lviv. By the end of September, the developers plan to cover Kiev and move to the big cities of the country. And by the end of the year RestYou will be submitted to the catering establishments of the Dnieper, Kharkov, Odessa.

The stars have already found the convenience and pleasure they enjoy. Try it and you!

Download the app RestYou

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Дмитрий Cтупка: "RestYou стал  для меня  гидом  и помощником в мире ресторанов"

Дмитрий Cтупка: "RestYou стал  для меня  гидом  и помощником в мире ресторанов"

Дмитрий Cтупка: "RestYou стал  для меня  гидом  и помощником в мире ресторанов"


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