Dmitry Kolyadenko told what gifts one receives from Iryna Bilyk

The actor shared a touching story

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Yesterday, 20:04

In an exclusive interview to journalists of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraine” Dmitry Kolyadenko said as Irina Bilyk was waiting for him in the car under the house, to congratulate, and what gifts he gets from his former sweetheart.

Without Iryna Bilyk not do any birthday Dmitry Kolyadenko. The actor admits that last year it wasn’t as bright as usual.

“Last year I lived in Golden gate and when she arrived, rang with the words: “Kolyadenko, where are you?”. I told her that not to celebrate my birthday. And she poor thing was sitting half an hour in the car waiting for me, – said Dmitry Kolyadenko. – Came to me with a gift, bought something – socks, handkerchiefs – everything I love”.

Дмитрий Коляденко рассказал, какие подарки получает от Ирины Билык

Iryna Bilyk and Dmytro Kolyadenko

But in addition to trinkets Irina Bilyk, Dmitry gave such gifts, from which the showman took our breath away.

“Irina Bilyk I often gave trip. For example, ringing with the words: “Coladera, what are you doing?”, I answered that these four days I’m home, and she offered to fly to London, to Italy – to Milan. What I always said, “Great!”, – says Dmitry Kolyadenko.

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