Dmitry Komarov called the country with the happiest people

Дмитрий Комаров назвал страны с самыми счастливыми людьми

The famous traveler shared his thoughts about the secret of happiness.

The most famous Ukrainian traveler, author and host of “the World inside out” on the channel “1+1” Dmitry Komarov became the main person of the summer issue of the magazine Proman Ukraine, reports the with reference to Viva.

In an interview with one of the most popular TV presenters of the country have shared stories of the journeys that changed his Outlook and spoke about the charity, thousands of letters from fans, ready to be a father and still a lot interesting. So, Dmitri has shared his observation about the happiest people on the planet:

“According to my inner feeling, the happiest people live in Buddhist countries. Particularly in South-East Asia. This Is Cambodia, Burma, Thailand. And allocated to Nepal. It was there I saw people who lived in poverty but were absolutely happy. They could invite me in, offer free accommodation, to share with me the last portion of rice.”

“The main secret of their happiness is to live for today: not to relive the events of yesterday and not worry about what will happen tomorrow. After all, the future is what is yet to come, and come it does not represent us. Therefore, all thoughts about the future, according to the Buddhists, is senseless. I’m trying to use this Board, especially being in the hustle and flow of cases,” added the leader.

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