Dmitry Komarov “luring” in China, while it dominates the coronavirus

Дмитрий Комаров "заманивает" в Китай, пока там властвует коронавирус

today, 18:58

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Dmitry Komarov, who recently presented the new season of the show “the World inside out”, where he spoke about a different China, recently shared a helpful post on his page, where he told us how it had been in contact with Ukraine while traveling:

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I love China, and I am sure that agrees with me most of those who saw this country live.

But there is one restriction which travelers-bloggers it is important to know in advance.

Keep in mind – in China are not working are many common resources: Instagram, facebook, youtube, google. The Chinese use their own equivalent of all this, people too the polls “stick” in the phone, blog, live broadcasts, post a selfie. But I use local software.

A foreigner to use a VPN. I, of course, warned about this.

If going abroad for a few days or a week – don’t buy a local SIM card use roaming, it is already adequate for the price. But if food for 2 weeks and more – more and buy a local SIM card.

So I dropped his in China. But VPN worked somehow unstable, gmail emails sometimes come with a delay of a few hours. It worried me until I discovered that if my kastravicki room connected to the Internet while roaming lock automatically disappear🙂

So China has become the first cruise where I used the Internet only when roaming. I even put the laptop through a phone connected – himself handing out online). Used mainly their messengers without any restrictions. Sometimes did publish on social media and watching the news. Talk on the phone with his wife and parents via video link. Rarely called on the phone.

In the end, with activated “Perfect roaming” here @MTS.official when not paying for the package, and for every minute and MB, one month roaming has cost me about 1500 USD. But used actively.

Plus China is not very popular among our tourists the country and roaming there twice as expensive than in Europe, where one minute call is 1 UAH, but the Internet – only 10 cents per 1 MB.

To summarize. Horror stories about roaming charges, which eats up all the money in the past. If you go abroad – don’t be lazy, call your carrier, find out in detail about fees in advance to avoid surprises. The main thing is to use roaming with the mind, not to watch movies online, just flipping the tape of social networks for hours on end. By the way I am this habit completely abandoned and “had nothing to do with” the tape of social networks is not leaf. And you?)) he wrote in a note

As you can see, it is not necessary to be afraid of something new and always need to know the details and peculiarities of the country in which they want to go. Do not overpay for travel.

We will remind, Dmitry Komarov told about the new season of the show “the World inside out”, on the other China, the possibilities of the human body and what you need to know about the coronavirus.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia” party was held presentation of the new season of “World inside out”

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that the wife of Dmitry Komarov of the “World inside out” Alexander Kucherenko often shares with fans bright shots of his life.

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