Dnipro is the third time in a row won the Cup of Ukraine

«Днепр» в третий раз подряд выиграл Кубок Украины

The team of Denis Zhuravlev pleased home stands with the victory in the national Cup.

Dnipro in the Ukrainian Cup semi-final in the last seconds thanks to exact penalty from Stanislav timofeyenko Doge “Kyiv-basket” (78:76). “Odessa” reaching the final was the team of Oleg Oskina easily passed Kharkiv “Polytechnic” (89:73).

The first half of the final match was held on the scenario of Odessa who went into halftime with an 11-point advantage. However, the “Dnepr” had 10 minutes to fully eliminate the backlog in the account – Alexander Mishula and Stanislav timofeyenko quickly turned the match and got a great help from teammates, who in the third quarter allowed the “Odessa” to score only 9 points.

The decisive 10-minute began with a new spurt of “Dnepr”. “Odessa” came only 5 minutes before the final buzzer, when the scoreboard showed the figure of 55:68. To the part of guests, they began to hang out the white flag, and tried to get back in the game. A series of three-pointers from Pustozvonov – and the benefits of “Dnepr” for 100 seconds before the end of the game was only 3 points. It seemed that we are waiting for a tense ending, but timofeyenko did not aggravate the situation – the captain of “Dnepr” scored 4 points in a row and has removed all questions on the winner of the match.

Dnipro – BC Odessa 74:69 (16:18, 17:26, 20:9, 21:16)

Dnepr: timofeyenko (24 + 9 rebounds), Mishula (20 + 5 assists).

BC Odessa: Macy (19 + 7 rebounds + 13 assists), taken away (12), Chalakov (11), Windbags (11 + 6 rebounds), Novikov (10).


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