Do you know “delicate dumping”, this way of breaking up without breaking up ?

Do you know "delicate dumping", this way of breaking up without breaking up ?

“Delicate dumping” consists of showing less commitment to your partner to force them to break up. gorodenkoff/Getty Images

Ending a romantic relationship is never easy. A breakup can hurt emotionally and requires you to start from scratch. While some choose frankness and engage in an honest discussion, others prefer to invest less and less in the relationship, pushing the other to break up. This method has a name: "delicate dumping".

Have you ever felt that your partner was becoming distant ? That you no longer went out together ? That he took longer to respond to your messages ? And that you were finally at ;#39;origin of the end of your relationship ? If so, you may have been the victim of "delicate dumping". This term, which translates as “to get rid of gently”, refers to the act of ending a relationship by gradually ceasing to make efforts, with the aim that the other will take over. ;initiative to break up. This allows the person who wants to leave not to assume their responsibilities and to transfer the guilt onto their ex partner.


Although the term is new, this behavior in love is not. However, with the rise of social networks and dating applications, many relational phenomena have found an official name. The problem with this behavior is that it is manipulative. The partner wanting to break up puts distance, changes their behavior, and becomes increasingly cold. The person experiencing this attitude then feels abandoned and rejected, without understanding this change, not to mention the consequences on their mental health. This can lead to low self-esteem, anxiety disorders, and problems trusting others.

But how do you recognize the signs of ’delicate dumping&quot? ? If your partner shows increasing disinterest, avoids discussions, no longer suggests romantic outings, this can be a bad sign. The other person seeks to move away without showing a drastic change in behavior or explaining their intentions. By avoiding moments together and discussions, she becomes passive in her communication, responding less often and in a short and detached manner.

If you are confronted with this toxic practice, do not hesitate to ask your partner for explanations. You deserve a clear, respectful breakup that will allow you to turn the page and move on in a healthy way.

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