“Do you know how much are the boots?”: Prytula showed the lives of the characters without embellishment

"Вы хоть знаете, сколько стоят берцы?": Притула показал жизнь героев без прикрас

Famous TV presenter and showman Serhiy Prytula spoke sharply about anyone who criticizes the security of the Ukrainian army. In one of the communities on Facebook posted a quote Prytula about what is the whole military training and what level of support the army.

“I’m sorry, but dilute tradefirst elsewhere. If you don’t see what happens to military duty, then either wipe with a monocle, Madam, or ask with no complaints,” – said Pritula.

"Вы хоть знаете, сколько стоят берцы?": Притула показал жизнь героев без прикрас

Sergey Pritula

He called online critics to imagine how much it costs to Commission a tank battalion or to upgrade ten fighters.

“Have you heard from volunteers over the past 2 years that someone has form or ankle boots? You know that foods which the volunteers are still brought to the front, the soldiers partially distribute local, because they have a surplus? You know that 500 sets of thermal underwear, which I prezentovala Masha Efrosinina in the program, I have sought to give, because, see, it already have 2 sets.

What the hell are YOU here scribble comments about “our government”, if you green concepts have no that the government is doing for the boys? The State language does not work. The maximum individual officials. You call names and do not identify with their government!Because if your door lives a prostitute, then that’s not a reason the entire house called a brothel!” – wrote the entertainer.

Recall, a parody Dobkin turned into a mud bucket for Prytula.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that this Prytula about the Tomos will affect even atheists.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that the priest answered Pritula on talking about the Tomos.


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