Do you want a slick, slick, slick TV?

Do you want a smooth, smooth, smooth TV?


What hypocrisy! Netflix censors an episode of the series Caleb's Daughters because it shows Roy Dupuis with his face smeared in black, but broadcasts tons of series where the characters have their faces smeared in red… because the blood flows there waves!

Ovila Pronovost who disguised herself as a mage king in a small village in Mauricie at the end of the 19th century? Forbidden, wow, naughty! 

But showing a serial killer who eats his victims, that's no problem! The Dahmer-Monstre series, about the true story of Jeffrey Dahmer who claimed 17 lives, is the second most-watched series in Netflix history…and no episode has been taken off the air. 

Tofu tickets

While Netflix blithely censors a Quebec show that will be seen around the world, in Quebec too, the little police of good-thinking are preparing their weapons.

Do you want a smooth, smooth, smooth TV?

Do you want a smooth, smooth, smooth TV?

This week, the Quebec Council for Eco-responsible Events (CQEER) published a study on “the number of eco-gestures”, but also “behaviors that harm the planet, seen on screen”.

Learned people have analyzed dozens of episodes of the most popular shows since the start of 2022 (District 31, Whole life, The fault or even 5th rank).

And what are these bad behaviors that have been unearthed? “The act of driving solo in a large polluting vehicle, drinking from a single-use cup or even throwing recyclable or compostable waste in the trash”. 

Misery ! Are there really researchers who have taken their pencil, their paper, and counted the number of times straws have been used in a Quebec series?

Help, this is a serious time, we kill one! The villainous Commander Chiasson threw in the trash a container that should have gone to recycling! But what a bad example for our beautiful youth!

The more I read the details of this study, the more I died laughing. No, but, do these people listen to themselves talk?

Caroline Voyer, of the Council, deplores the fact that “the sorting of residual materials remains invisible on the screen”. 

“This encourages the magical thought according to which the materials disappear without there being any related responsibilities. to that,” she explained in all seriousness to Radio-Canada.

But beware, the tofu police also have solutions to make our screens greener.

< p>“A series or a movie could show a character driving a less fuel-intensive vehicle than an SUV, turning off the engine of his car as soon as he arrives at his destination, eating a vegetarian meal rather than a steak, or riding a bicycle. »

In other words, our TV should only show exemplary citizens who eat fair trade organic chickpeas and wipe their buttocks with bamboo toilet paper made from residues harvested by non-binary employees.

Vive le compost!

A UQAM professor commented on the study: “In the case of series that put focus on the daily life of family life, we sometimes see parents emptying the plates in the trash. We could without too many problems show the father or the mother emptying the plates in a compost bin”.

This is a fight that deserves our full attention! 

Do you want a smooth, smooth, smooth TV?