Dobrynin was lit by a hidden tattoo and made Kvitkovo jealous: “Handsome”

Добрынин засветил скрытое тату и заставил Квиткову ревновать: "Красавчик"

today, 08:50

The main bachelor of the country Nikita Dobrynin, who was the hero of the eponymous show on STB TV-channel has made its choice. As is known, a finalist on the show “the Bachelor” was Daria Kvitkova, and almost for the first time the attitude of the participants continued to complete the project.

Dobrynin often pleases fans of sharing a photo with his chosen, but this time he published a photo where posing myself.

On the published picture depicted a former bachelor with a Boxing championship belt in his hands. Nikita was dressed in a black t-shirt and sweatpants. In the picture can be seen bulging muscles pop the tattoo on his right forearm.

“So I feel, when all at practice on Sunday 🥊💦🐅”, – signed photo of Dobrynin.

Fans will not have passed publication, and actively commented:

Добрынин засветил скрытое тату и заставил Квиткову ревновать: "Красавчик"

Recall that hot grandmother Pugacheva in a bold mini Orbakaite forced to bite your elbows bright frames.

Previously “Know.ia” told us that former bachelor Dobrynin told about the plans of his “baby” again wants to escape: “Insanely happy”.

The portal also “ Agency” reported that Cybulski fueled rumors of a romance with “Bachelor” Dobrynin Ukrainians was taken aback: “they Say I stole you”.

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