Dobrynin was struck in the heart of the contestant of “the Bachelor,” the girl could not stand the insults

Добрынин поразил в самое сердце участницу "Холостяка": девушка не стерпела обиды

22-year-old master of law degree from Odessa Dean left the project “the Bachelor” because of misunderstandings with the eligible bachelor by Nikita Dobrynin. The participants of the romantic reality show I was expecting from Dating each other more. Dean accused Dobrynin of improper behaviour – just sat in the car, which caused Nikita and left. Exclusive interview with a party newspaper presents the FACTS.As it turned out, Nikita was expecting that the girl will be asked to leave it in the project. Dina’s had only one desire, which Dobrynin promised for her to do. And ask she could about anything, but his opportunity was not done out of pride.

Добрынин поразил в самое сердце участницу "Холостяка": девушка не стерпела обиды

The bachelorette walked away with her head held high

— Only post-show did you know Nikita counting on the fact that you still Express his desire to remain in the project. What did you feel when you heard this?

— Yes, nothing special! Know Nikita counting on one thing, and I behaved differently. After the course, the reality turns out that chooses not only the Bachelor, but we are participating. Consider that I have made my choice.

Really did not regret, let me finish explaining Nikita would remain in the project?!

— No! You know, I’m not one of those girls who will be humiliated, and ask pardon and encouragement. If I did something wrong, then Yes, then it would behave otherwise. But Nikita saw before I got in the car, I worried and worried!

— While on a date with the Bachelor, you have behaved very calmly and confidently.

Just because the audience didn’t see all of our Nikita Dating and didn’t hear our whole conversation. Honestly, I think that was supposed to get a rose without sagedamini any desires. And Nikita… He probably just wanted to feel better about yourself. But it’s not my option. I also have a voice in this reality and is able to make decisions. That’s why I made my choice — left the show. As for Nikita… I wish him only success in search of his true love.

Recall that Dobrynin admitted that hides from participating in “the Bachelor.” “I don’t so often talk about it…

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