Doctor had surgery due to the inscriptions on the patient’s body

The guy admitted that he wanted to amuse the surgeon because he was bored

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Врач перенес операцию из-за надписей на теле пациента

The inscriptions on the body of the guy were the reason to postpone the surgery

On the popular platform Reddit, one user asked what the worst could hear the patient before anesthesia. Users in reviews early to share their stories. Separated guy under the nickname Dreble, who described how his innocent joke almost blew the operation, writes Bored Panda.

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“When I was 15, I had to operate the knee. The surgeon gave me a token and told to note need, says Dreble. I did as he was told: around sore knee in a circle and pointed its arrows. Signed: “Operate here”. Unnecessary knee I drew a TIC”.

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The guy said that the doctors were not even half an hour and he was bored. Dreble began over the body to leave messages like “My Appendix you don’t get” and “What you’re looking for? Operation on the knee!”.

As it turned out, the doctors laughed so hard that the operation had to be delayed for a few hours.

We will remind that recently in India operated 22-year-old woman who complained of constant nausea and vomiting. As a result of her stomach got 69 chains, earrings, 80, 46 coins, eight medallions, 11 rings for the nose, five anklets and watches with a total value of 53 thousand pounds sterling (1,6 million UAH). A similar case occurred in India last fall, when doctors discovered the patient in the digestive tract pounds of various items,

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