Doctor Who season 12 : how Jodie Whittaker has nearly died on the set of the series

Doctor Who saison 12 : comment Jodie Whittaker a failli mourir sur le tournage de la série

Doctor Who season 12 : how Jodie Whittaker has nearly died on the set of the series

Jodie Whittaker has truly given of his person for the filming of season 12 of Doctor Who. To the extent that, the actress revealed today that it has nearly died on the filming of the new episodes, because of… a spider.

After very long months of absence, Doctor Who will be back on the BBC (England) on January 1, 2020, with a season 12 always worn by Jodie Whittaker. And, according to the actress, it is almost a miracle. Not that she had the intention to leave the series after season 11 particularly slow and poor, but because it would have simply been able to die on the filming of the new episodes.

Turning to the chaotic Jodie Whittaker

Present in the show Graham Norton Show, the performer of the first Time Lady in the Tardis was revealed to have had the scare of her life during her stay in South Africa : “Without telling me the team was in the process of filming a huge Clubionidae (a spider), and no one had told me how it was terrifying and dangerous. However, she jumped on my face and slipped into my costume“.

A scene is always fun to see in the movies, but that has traumatized Jodie Whittaker in real life : “I was absolutely terrified and I don’t want to repeat what I have said. I discovered later that I could have died. It was horrible“. Actually, as her appearance left to fear, the Clubionidae can be fatal in case of bite not treated in time…

Survive attacks from aliens to eventually die from a single spider bite, it would have been the lose as the end for the Doctor…

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