Doctor Who season 12 : the Cybermen return, the family Doctor threatened in the trailer

Doctor Who season 12 : the Cybermen are back and the family Doctor threatened in the trailer

See you in 2020 to discover the season 12 of Doctor Who. And after the first trailer released by the BBC, the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and his cronies will once again live the adventures of the wildest of the space to save the planet. Attention spoilers.

This year, Christmas will be a little less well than the previous ones. The reason for this ? We will not have the right to a “Christmas Special” of Doctor Who. A real disappointment for those who have taken the habit to open their last gifts before an adventure of the Time Lord (or Time Lady now), which, fortunately, will not last very long. Indeed, no precise date has yet been announced, but we know that the season 12 will land as soon as the early 2020.

First trailer spectacular for season 12

And to put us already in the mood, the BBC just posted a first trailer of the upcoming episodes. The program ? The Doctor – always embodied by Jodie Whittaker (despite rumours of departure), will be entrusted with the mission of the most usual of his life : to ensure the safety of the entire planet. A routine for the heroine who will send it, in particular in the past and in Paris, even if things should quickly get complicated.

According to the video, his famous story with the Cybermen should once again resume this season. A reunion which will not logically the happiness of the Doctor and that could especially threaten his new family made up of Yasmin, Ryan and Graham. This is not to say that one of them will die, but we advise you all the same order a few handkerchiefs to Father Christmas.

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