Doctors called a drink that “kills” cancer cells

Медики назвали напиток, "убивающий" раковые клетки

Named for the unusual properties of tea.American researchers spoke about the unique capabilities of a normal tea.

The complex of contained substances truly awesome tea can prevent premature aging and stop the progression of cancer, writes the with reference to charter97.

Scientists from Saint Louis University (Saint Louis University) conducted a series of scientific expert work. The object of study has become a common tea leaf that is used by many to prepare a hot tonic drink. It turned out, it contains many necessary minerals for normal development of the body and prevent ailments.

About the development of scientists is described in an article in the edition of Anticancer Research, its results are very useful for practical use, moreover, this type of prevention will not be easy. So, if frequent drinks for Breakfast and throughout the day this kind of tea like Oolong tea, it is possible to reduce the overall level of inflammation. Also help miracle drink and quickly and effectively block the growth of cancer cells. A number of experiments, performed in a University laboratory clearly proved the efficacy of tea in Oncology.

Preclinical studies have shown the effectiveness of tea extract Oolong when applied to samples of malignant breast tumors. Oncologists believe that regular consumption of Oolong tea reduces the quantity of toxins in the body, as well as in cases of aggressive treatment significantly improves the condition of internal organs. Equally compelling statistics on the consumption of Oolong in China, this tea reduces the incidence of cancer by almost 40%. In the future, scientists intend to study the immunomodulatory and restorative properties of tea type Oolong.

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