Doctors called six “signals” of serious problems with health

Медики назвали шесть "сигналов" о серьезных проблемах со здоровьем

There are six signs that may indicate serious health problems in humans. Among them – excessive sweating and persistent feeling of thirst.

To such conclusion the doctor of the clinic in London Daniel Fenton. Specialist listed the signs that every man should pay attention, according to the with reference to

One of them is frequent urge to go to the bathroom at night. It can be the evidence of disease of the genitourinary system nocturia, as well as the enlargement of the prostate in men and risk of prostate cancer.

Tingling in the extremities can alert about the risk of stroke. Increased sweating can be a symptom of lymphoma or myeloma.

About vitamin D deficiency indicates obsessive constant feeling of fatigue. Also fatigue may indicate insufficient or excessive activity of the thyroid gland, iron deficiency. There is a risk of developing cancer of the blood.

Symptoms of diabetes 1 or type 2 and cancer are sudden weight loss and constant feeling of thirst.


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