Doctors called the early symptoms of one of the types of cancer

Медики назвали ранние симптомы одного из видов рака

Bowel cancer is quite common among other cancer diseases.

Scientists told about the symptoms of bowel cancer and 5 early signs pointing to the formation of a tumor. Experts say, the patient is able to notice a deterioration in health is still in relatively early stages of the disease, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

Scientists say, annually in the world recorded one million people with symptoms of bowel cancer. Statistics indicate that every second patient dies of the disease. As a rule, the disease develops due to a sedentary lifestyle, lack of vegetables in the diet and the predominance of products from processed meat. More often this disease affects people of advanced age, but young ones are not spared from risk.

The development of the tumor leads to the appearance of certain symptoms which you can notice and time to consult a doctor in the first place is anemia. It occurs due to bleeding and low hemoglobin. In the case of increased fatigue, pallor and dizziness you need to see a doctor. You should also not ignore shortness of breath. Due to the loss of blood, in its composition there is more plasma, and this lead to decrease the body’s ability to carry oxygen. In addition, the release of blood will affect the color change of the stool. The secreted form of waste products might also change.

You need to go to the hospital and under constant bloating and cramps. If both of these symptoms are regularly repeated, have to undergo a colonoscopy. Regular constipation and problems with a chair can indicate tumor growth, which was the cause of the difficulty of passing the feces.


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