Doctors called the probable date of victory over tuberculosis

Медики назвали вероятную дату полной победы над туберкулезом

According to scientists, in the future humanity will forget about this disease.

Defeat the dangerous disease is possible, scientists believe. This requires political will and increased investment in medicine. What to do, the experts explained. Real time destruction – by 2045, according to the with reference to Hvilya.

Tuberculosis remains one of the most dangerous infectious diseases. Only in 2017, it claimed 1.6 million lives around the world. A special concern of experts cause drug-resistant forms of the disease. However, experts believe that tuberculosis can be completely destroyed. According to their calculations, by 2045.

Specific recommendations that will help to achieve this ambitious goal, presented to the international Commission of the Lancet, composed of 37 people from 13 countries.

According to some estimates, more than one third of TB cases are not diagnosed and not treated.

Therefore, doctors say, in countries with a high incidence of the need first and foremost to provide people access to quality diagnostic tests and modern methods of treatment.

Special attention should be given to populations at higher risk of infection. These are children, people living with HIV, migrants, prisoners, miners, health workers and neighbors of people suffering from tuberculosis.

When sick and most vulnerable segments of the population will have access to the treatment, it will be time to identify and eliminate the last remaining cases.

To make the TB control more effective, we need to invest in the development of new methods of treatment and prevention, including the development of new vaccines. The amount of these investments should be increased four times. And for the allocation of funds and efforts should be coordinated to follow donor countries and States with the highest incidence.

The authors of the report cite the example of India, one of the countries with the most unfavorable situation for tuberculosis, which has set itself the task of eliminating the disease by 2025.

If other countries would show equally strong political will, the destruction of TB is not far off.


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