Doctors explained how to recognize intoxication

Медики объяснили, как распознать интоксикацию

There are seven major signs.

Unfortunately, the world in which we live is full of toxins. The air in the rooms where we are, can be even dirtier than outside. Add to this the Smoking (even passive), pesticides and artificial food additives, according to the with reference to Healthy Style.

But how to understand that you have to urgently eliminate toxins? Here are the main symptoms of intoxication of the body!

1. Insomnia

Toxins can be the cause of insomnia. Especially in those cases, if the level of estrogen in your body as a whole normal.

Few people thinks about it, but insomnia can be caused by a problem of the liver. Start drinking the juices of vegetables and go easy on the cauliflower and broccoli!

2. Unexplained chronic fatigue

Unfortunately, most of us eat too much sugar. He – or rather, a sharp drop in its concentration in blood sharply makes you tired and irritable.

The more in your body of toxins, the more it depends on sugar. And this causes a deficiency of energy.

Try to dramatically reduce the amount of sweets. Initially, it will be difficult, but after 7-10 days you will feel like you are ready to fly!

3. Constant headaches

There are a million reasons why you regularly have a headache. But one of the most underrated of them – an excess of toxins in the body.

“The main cause of headaches – nervous tension and too high level of toxins in body tissues and especially in the tissues that form the Central nervous system,” – said in the journal.

4. Skin problems

If your body has too many toxins, the skin will be sure to remind you of this. And display them on your own through the pimples, blackheads and other nasty things.

“If liver and kidneys are working effectively, the skin begins to intervene in this process and to help them. As a result, it appears a rash” – the scientists explain.

5. Yellow or white tongue

Changes color language is another very alarming symptom of intoxication of the body. This is due to the gastric mucus, “lubricating” the fabric of a language. If the color changes, then the digestive system is already too involved in the fight with toxins.

6. The growing volume of belly fat

Toxins lead to hotter fat in the abdominal area. If this happens quickly, although the extra weight is not peculiar, you need to start cleaning your body!

7. Heat

One of the most natural ways that the body removes toxins is sweat. That the sweat stood out more, the body needs to raise the inside temperature.

So if your body regularly “overheats”, it is quite frightening symptom.

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