Doctors have called an unusual symptom of hypertension

Медики назвали необычный симптом гипертонии

The causes a constant feeling of cold.There are people who freeze in any time of the year. You can dress warmer, but this is not the best option, as it’s not very good.

Chills could be a sign of your ill health, writes the with reference to 24apteka.

To get rid of the unpleasant sensation of cold, it is necessary to determine the cause.

Experts cite several reasons for the sensation of cold.

Reason 1.Due to improper diet lacks the right amount of fats, lack of vitamins A and B. Irregular eating disrupts the process of the liver, which is an important factor in blood circulation.

The 2nd reason is the low degree of hemoglobin in the blood that signals the lack of iron and slowing the flow of blood.

Reason 3.Often shivering people who have hypertension.

The 4th reason.Deviation of the thyroid gland.

The 5th reason.Menopause – the period of hormonal changes in women.

6 reason.Stress, constant fatigue, lack of sleep – all these things affects the heart and blood vessels. Frost, emerging from a vasospasm, is a sign that the body is working. Coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, which is often used to calm the nerves, in reality does not help.

The 7th reason.Diabetes, which increases the degree of sugar in the blood. Over time, this is bad for the nervous system, kidneys, blood vessels, etc.

8th reason.Isolated cases of chills indicates bone cancer or leukemia.

9 reason.If people get cold and feel numb and fatigue – this may indicate the violation of the musculoskeletal system.

In any case, if you constantly feel cold, then you need to consult a doctor who will find the root cause of this deviation.

Scientists have found a way to save vessels in the human body from atherosclerosis and rid the body of harmful cholesterol, which affects the condition of blood vessels.

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