Doctors have called the early symptoms of stroke

Врачи назвали ранние симптомы инсульта

The main feature of these stroke symptoms is that they may pass unnoticed. Stroke is usually associated with high blood pressure. Also the cause of the stroke can be physical inactivity and excess free radicals.

In addition, if we smoke, drink alcohol and always have a lot of stress, chances are earn stroke are significantly increased.

Depending on what was the severity of bleeding, a stroke may be mild or severe. The severity of damage can vary depending on how quickly you get medical help. That is why it is so important to know the warning signs that sends us our body.

If you belong to a group more at risk of stroke, you should be more attentive to the following signs heralding stroke:

Dizziness and trouble walkingbecause the blood flow to the brain decreases, you may feel sudden dizziness. You can also experience problems with balance or coordination, bumping into corners and objects. Any movement for which you want to focus, will require a lot of effort.

Weakness or numbnessYou can’t raise your hands (individually or both at the same time) or keep them in the air. Also you feel numb or you experience problems when lifting objects, even the lightest. Many people when they throw stroke that are holding because they can’t keep.

In addition, tingling or numbness in the legs worsens the situation: we need to sit down or to stand still for a few seconds, as the limbs do not obey us.

Problems with speechConfusion arises not only when you walk or move, but when you’re trying to say something. Slurred speech, inability to find the right words to explain something or just a meaningless speech – all this, too, can be a danger signal.

Facial paralysisYou are not only able to speak, but part of your face just paralyzed.

If you’ve ever been to the dentist and you had dental anesthesia, you probably felt something similar. You can’t smile, or even just one eye open. Almost always, the paralysis affects only one side of the face.

Added to this is the eye problems typical of a stroke, as you see all blurry, image ghosting or dark.

A headacheWe all experience from time to time headaches, sometimes very strong. However, in stroke, the headache is so strong that it does not allow us to do anything. It appears suddenly and is accompanied by dizziness, nausea or vomiting. In some cases (hemorrhagic stroke) it may even cause loss of consciousness.

The main feature of these stroke symptoms is that they may pass unnoticed. People think that a person thinks about something, tired, or even drunk.

When symptoms appear within a few seconds or minutes and then disappear, this indicates possible stroke and we should not dismiss them. This is a clear indication that there are problems with the blood supply of the brain and in the future we can get a stroke.

In any case, you should always call an ambulance to get the professionals in accurate diagnosis.

There is a special test used by physicians to rapidly identify a stroke, it is called FAST, or Face-Arm-Speech. It consists of three parts:

The person: you need to analyze whether there is involuntary muscle asymmetry in facial features.

Hand: to determine whether the patient is consciously moving your arms, or feel tingling and numbness.

It: sets several questions to determine if there are any difficulties with speech or voice sounds like in alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

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