Doctors have found a link between hypertension and dementia

Медики обнаружили связь между гипертонией и слабоумием

Important reason to monitor the pressure.

Women aged 40 to 50 years, already faced with high blood pressure, often cause dementia. The study showed that the risk of dementia grows by 73% when hypertension manifests itself in middle age, reports the with reference to

Faced with high blood pressure in middle age women more likely to develop senile dementia in old age, as shown by the research of American scientists. They found that in these women the risk of dementia grows by 73%. The results of the study are based on observations with 7 200 inhabitants of the United States, they confirm the current theory that lifestyle in middle age is essential for health in old age. Meanwhile, statistics show that the spread of sedentary lifestyles and excess weight among the generation over 40 years old takes on epidemic indicators. This significantly increases the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Until recently, dementia was not included in this list, but now scientists from the research Institute Kaiser Permanente in California has proved that unhealthy lifestyle, which in most cases explains the appearance of high blood pressure, also increases the likelihood of developing dementia. But the most important is that this is true only for women. In Russia from high blood pressure or hypertension affects one in three adults. In 6ольшинстве cases, this disorder shows no symptoms until then, until it is too late to treat it. Only half the people even know that they are at risk.

The researchers note that although the increase in pressure is more common in men than in women in middle and old age, hypertension is a risk factor of dementia for women. Perhaps this is due to the fact that hypertension damages they have stronger blood vessels that supply blood to the brain, which can lead to disturbances in its work.

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