Doctors have uncovered a terrible secret Zavorotnyuk: “the Essence of a lower level”

Медики раскрыли страшный секрет Заворотнюк: "Существо низшего звена"

Zavorotnyuk, photos

today, 21:54

These days the Internet appeared the next information regarding the famous Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Consequently, various foreign media reported that “My fair nanny” passed away. However, after a few hours the relatives of the star have commented on this information and denied it.

As noted, the network has published the correspondence of the staff of the hospital, where it is stated that the alleged car crash died in hospital. However, on the official Instagram page of support Zavorotnyuk appeared a message, a refutation of this information.

Медики раскрыли страшный секрет Заворотнюк: "Существо низшего звена"

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, photos: Hyser

“The correspondence sent by one of our friend, the journalist, who wishes us well and genuinely concerned, telling the truth. So, it’s beyond ethics, common sense and humanity. So, people do not do that. Can do so only creatures at the lowest level. If someone is suddenly very boring to live without the “fried facts”, then maybe should just do his family, to take care of their health and wellbeing? And most importantly – it’s not true!”, – stated in the message.

Медики раскрыли страшный секрет Заворотнюк: "Существо низшего звена"

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In addition, it is reported, is now in the hospital to begin an investigation, because the relatives want to find out “who is the author of this shit”.

We will remind, the daughter Zavorotnyuk Arcobaleno put on a show right in the middle of the street.

As reported Know.ia, the husband of car crash Blackburn predicted the salvation of “My fair nanny”.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that the family Zavorotnyuk was silent no wonder, this is what happens with the star of “My fair nanny”.

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